Let’s talk about food. The food we love. The food we crave. All things sustenance!

Babka, baby

Much like creating a section to tell you about books that we love, we can’t believe it took us this long to tell you about food. We love to cook, bake, and, most of all, eat.

This year, intermixed with what we are reading, loving, and adventuring, we’ll tell you about what we are eating. These offerings will swing widely on the continuum from the incredibly healthy to not healthy at all.

And the first one is of the latter variety!

This video caught my eye on Instagram several times before I decided to try making vegan cinnamon babka from Rainbow Nourishments!

The first time I made it, I was so full of hope and expectations. Each step of the way, the babka looked like the photos; while baking in the oven, it smelled heavenly, and then came the taste test.

(Insert suspense)

Meh… It was just OK. I couldn’t quite figure it out. It wasn’t bad; it just didn’t have much flavor. I thought about it for days and then did what only weird people do. I tried it again.

I made some adjustments by adding a different kind of icing as the finisher, and then I discovered something that can be helpful, not just in baking. This recipe isn’t for me. The bread tastes fine. It’s turning out as it should. It’s that babka just isn’t for me. At least cinnamon babka isn’t. 

 Who knew that baking could teach us things about life? Not everything is FOR us. 

That said, please give it a try because it may just be the flavor profile you are looking for, and let’s be honest, it looks ah-mazing!!

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