Halfway and Some Change

Blogger’s note: Please see our updated views based on reference to Rachel Hollis.

It’s official.  We are more than halfway through the #last90days challenge. This milestone has made me take stock of where I am, where I thought I’d be, and what I want to do with these last 43 days before the new year.

The #last90days have been exciting and challenging.  Exciting because it’s been something new and I have added things to my routine that I have never done before.  It’s also been challenging because some days I have had to go back and ask myself  WHY  I am doing this several times.  Why? Because it’s so easy to quit on ourselves. It’s difficult to wake up and make ourselves and our routines a priority everyday. And when life is always throwing curve balls and taking us on unexpected detours, everything in us wants to revert back to old habits.

At 47 days in, I finally feel like I am living the challenge rather than just checking the boxes. I am at a place where I don’t question getting up early, I look forward to it. Strange, I know, since it was the thing I least wanted to implement. I honestly can’t wait to put my tree up so I can sit in the glow of the twinkly, white lights, drink my tea and write in my journal. I have learned to appreciate these quiet mornings and the opportunity to breathe, pray, write and center myself before the day begins.
Previously, I have done gratitude journals in the evening. During this challenge I have decided to do them durning my morning routine. It’s funny, but I often can’t remember all the things I am grateful for in the early morning hours, but I find myself being grateful for little things throughout my days.  I wonder if that is more important as I am noticing my blessings in real time?  This past week I have been home with my family and I have been so grateful for all of the little moments, but mostly for the uncontrollable laughter. We laughed…a lot.  I realize that some of us go whole days and sometimes more without laughter.  Find someone who makes you laugh, watch a comedy on Netflix; anything to release those endorphins into your brain.
Hydration has been an interesting beast.  I have found this to be more difficult than I imagined on some days.  It’s really about my lack of planning when I come up short and other days I find myself reaching my quota by early afternoon.  Planning is key when it comes to making changes in our lives. I can’t just expect to get my required water in through osmosis, I need to actually drink it. Even though I haven’t reached my goal every single day, I can safely say I am hydrated. I rarely reach for anything but water unless it’s the occasional glass of wine or hot tea in the morning. To be clear, I am not drinking wine in the morning.  I know that continuing to work on this goal is important.  I just want it to become that thing that happens without thinking about it.

I can still remember when I read the part about giving something up.  I knew immediately it had to be Diet Pepsi.  Sure, there are plenty of other things that I love that I shouldn’t eat or drink but Diet Pepsi is one of those things that has plagued me for years.  If there was a place I could go for addictions like this, I would go.  Of course, I would want it to be one of those spa-like places that weans you off your drug of choice while you are getting a massage and having a professional chef cook for you. The thing is I like the IDEA of not drinking it, but NOT the part where I don’t get to drink it.  This challenge has brought my triggers to the surface and I have very clearly seen the moments where I normally would have reached for a Diet Pepsi.  Most days aren’t an issue, but other days the NEED is real.  This is the first time in my life that I have felt like I could walk away from this habit.  That doesn’t mean I won’t crave it or feel the need for it on a stressful day, but I want to be stronger than that urge.  This time I want to be able to say, “I don’t drink that anymore.”

I have saved the best for last:  working out.  I have taken the whole moving your body part to heart.  This has changed my perspective in a way that I haven’t had before.  The reality is that there isn’t an excuse in the book for me not to work out.  I have a treadmill and exercise equipment in my home.  No amount of cold or snow has the ability to keep me from working out and yet I can think of a million reasons NOT to workout.  Moving my body though sounds and feels so different.  Moving my body feels kind, loving and energizing.  It feels good to know that even on a day that has been packed with an unrelenting schedule, I could take a walk or get on the floor and stretch, do planks, ab work or anything that would get my blood pumping.  Previously, I would have just bagged the whole thing.  Now, I also have to be careful because just walking or stretching is not going to help me fit into that Mother of the Bride dress in 2 short months.  Moving my body is good for my soul, but sweating is good for everything else.
If you are still doing this challenge with us, how are  you feeling?  Any small changes you are noticing?  What are the things you might want to keep after this challenge ends?
If you aren’t doing this challenge with us or you have been hesitant to jump in fully, do it now.  This is the time where food, family and what can be a stressful holiday season amp up.  I am here to tell you that these 5 things are life changing.  Maybe it’s a coincidence, but my mom and sisters are all doing this challenge as well and my trip home was probably one of the best weeks I’ve had back there.  Everyone is centered, hydrated, grateful and moving their bodies everyday.  There is no time for old habits.  Imagine a holiday season that leaves you smiling rather than counting the minutes until it’s done.
We may be halfway through this challenge, but we still have halfway to go.  Join us today to see what small changes you can make for we ring in 2020.
Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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