Life Lesson: Don’t Be A Quitter

House Update:  I am going to be honest.  There have been a few hours this week, maybe days, that I wanted to throw in the towel. I was ready to put a for sale sign in the front yard, pack my bags, and go live in an apartment across the street.  The whole picking out cabinets for the basement finish while having hammering, humming pipes and no A/C felt a little defeating. I was wistfully thinking about a Mr. Fix It who would magically turn on my A/C and  fix my plumbing issues without charging me $100 to walk through my front door.

Then I remembered I don’t like people enough to live with an entire complex of them and fortunately for me I live with my handyman hubby who IS NOT A QUITTER.  I wanted to hire a plumber 10 days ago but not him.  He was determined to fix our mounting plumbing issues even though, and I am quoting him here:  “plumbing is not my area of expertise.”  I will admit after an entire week of humming and hammering I was beginning to think I could live with the noise…if I could just have a little A/C.

The hubby persisted each and every day though.  He kept watching YouTube videos and turning the water on and off around the house.  Some days we even thought he had fixed it, but then someone would flush a toilet and it was back.  The thing about my engineer hubby is that when he thinks about a problem he can turn it around in his head so many ways that he is bound to find the bug sooner or later.

On Wednesday, he began looking at the reviews on the new valves he had put in a week ago and there it was.  All the reviews complained about humming and hammering pipes after they were installed.  He promptly went to the plumbing store and bought another set of new pressure valves.

I prepared for another long night of no water, but within a relatively short amount of time he was back upstairs.  He didn’t even need his headlamp he just quickly replaced the valve and we had quiet.  Seriously, it was like that scene in Christmas Vacation where Beverly D’Angelo turns on the light switch and all of the Christmas lights turn on, it was that magical.

So, as of today, things are looking up in terms of our water issues.  The refrigerator seems to still be working, our pipes are quiet and we have not discovered any more random leaks.  The bad news is that we are still without A/C and even though my hubby is not a quitter, he decided that he would call in the experts.  They arrive today so hopefully by evening we have cool air flowing from our vents.

If not, I have full confidence that my handyman hubby can and will fix it…eventually.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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