Inspiration Tuesday: Spring Has Sprung


The calendar says that spring has indeed arrived but some of our weather would indicate that Mother Nature did not receive the message.  This is the time of year where we vacillate between wanting to wear our shorts and realizing that it would not be smart in the foot of snow that we have.  By March most of us are ready for spring break and the warmth of the sun.  Our internal clocks are begging us to get outside, feel the breeze and move our bodies.

This weekend we have been in the mountains and it has been a smorgasbord of weather.  We have had rain, snow, sun, wind and sometimes all of it at once.  Every year we ski from Thanksgiving to April.  One thing we notice every year is that come mid-March we tend to stay a little longer, laugh a little more, enjoy the day on a different level.  Now all that is null and void if it’s a blizzard on the slopes, but in general it can be cold, sunny, snowy, gloomy or any other kind of weather and it still rings true.


Loveland Ski Area
In the winter months, I tend to long for the day to end.  I just want to put on my warm clothes and lay by the fire after a day of skiing.  Come March though I am ready for anything.  In fact, this weekend we took the dogs for a walk before we went skiing and while on the slopes I was thinking about going home and doing yoga and taking the dogs for another walk.  My mind and body were craving movement of any kind.



The next day, we hiked up the pass and did a little snowshoeing.  We were fortunate to have such a beautiful, warm day.  The summit was a little windy at times, but not enough to cause us to turn around. Now, I know we live in a beautiful place that lends itself to the outdoors on a regular basis so maybe you are sitting on the east coast just wishing the snow would end.  I get it and our winters are rarely over until at least the end of May. I am willing to bet though that even on the east coast everyone is thinking spring and taking advantage of every opportunity to breathe in the fresh outdoors.


(Photos of Guanella Pass)

As our days begin to warm and the sun shines just a little longer each day, get outside and let your body soak up some vitamin D. Take a walk, breathe the fresh air, notice that spring is arriving.  Yes, it’s taking a little more time for some of us, but on those days that bring blue skies and a little more warmth than usual, take advantage of it.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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