Thankful Thursday: Two Years Later With Stevie Nicks


Today marks the 2nd anniversary of the night  our pup, Stevie Nicks, was rescued off the street. If you will recall she was spotted in the ditch eating trash while on our way home from the airport.  My daughter’s boyfriend saw something on the side of the road and pulled over.  As they have reminded me so many times, I was in the backseat lamenting the fact that my spring break was going up in flames as soon as they put this dog in the car.  To be fair, I wasn’t wrong.  This little pup consumed every moment of our trip to Nashville and slowly began to take over our hearts as well.


It turns out that Stevie Nicks was very pregnant with 7 little puppies of her own.  Unable to fly her back to Colorado in her condition, we were fortunate enough to find her refuge at JoJo’s Doghouse.  They took her in, cared for her, found homes for all 7 of her puppies and allowed us to come back to adopt Steve after all of her puppies were weaned.  We will forever be grateful to JoJo’s for taking her in and all of the amazing work they do rescuing pups and finding them homes.

This is Stevie.  We like to call her our mutt with a diva attitude.  She may have been found in a ditch, but she has adapted to her surroundings quite well.  She rules our golden retriever as well as our home.


 From the very beginning Stevie has had a way of looking into your soul, which is probably how she wormed her way into our hearts in the first place.  You always feel like she is trying tell you something. First it was, “love me” and then it was, “take me home” and now it’s “love me, pick me up, let me sleep with you, let me lick your face and could you please buy a baby Bjorn already?”  Seriously, I believe this dog would be eternally happy if we carried her around like an infant at all times.


While she knows how to get the love she needs, she has a way of loving everyone she meets.  No matter who walks in our door she stands on her back legs and hugs them with her front paws.  If they sit down she crawls onto their lap and up their chest until she is nose-to-nose with them.  Then she lays her head on their shoulder and makes herself irresistible.


I have often said that we may have rescued this dog, but she has given us way more love than we could ever give her.  With the exception of her morning walks, which she practically demands, she obediently follows me around the house.  There is never a moment that I don’t look down and see her sitting at my feet.  She watches while I cook, she sits outside the shower and she waits by the window if I’m gone.  Whether I am gone for 20 minutes or two weeks, she greets me at the door as if she thought I would never return.  She leaves no doubt that she loves us and is happy to be home.

On this 2nd anniversary we are so grateful to have Stevie Nicks in our life and we look forward to many more years with our little fur baby.



Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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