Thankful Thursday: Grandpa Bob


Today, I want to give a shout out to the late, great Grandpa Bob.  He was my hubby’s grandfather and while he passed away several years ago he has been on my mind.  To me, Grandpa Bob was a fun, sweet-talking man who was always busy doing something.

I knew him for years before my hubby and I were even dating.  Our families used to drive up to Lake Erie to see Grandpa Bob and Grandma Peg and go to Cedar Point and Put-In-Bay.  We could always count on a fish fry, lots of laughs, and doing things the way Bob told us to do them.  We used to get such a chuckle out of his desire to have things a certain way and we were all too happy to oblige because nobody wants to upset grandpa.

Well, it turns out that Bob has resurfaced in my hubby.  It has been a slow progression, but over the last few years my hubby has turned into a neat freak who absolutely cannot sit down unless it serves a purpose.

Now you may be wondering why this is being written for Thankful Thursday.  You see, while this newfound trait can, at times, get on my nerves like when he stands over top of me while I clean the stove top, it’s also kind of great.  For example, I have NEVER gone away even for a night, let alone 7, and come back to a clean house.


I mean, he may have attempted to clean and had the girls help him make it look like a bomb did not actually detonate in our home, but it was never clean.  Last week, when I returned the house was SPOTLESS.  I mean it.  The floors were vacuumed, the dishes were done and the countertops had been polished!  I know, I didn’t even know that was a thing, but apparently it is.  He has suddenly learned to use the vacuum and dishwasher and he can also make the bed.  Now, the laundry and actual cooking is still an enigma to him, but people this other stuff is revolutionizing my life.  Last night, he was clearing the table and normally as soon as I would begin helping he would go do something else.  Nope, I gave him the job of cleaning the cook top.  Now, it does take him an inordinate amount of time to do these tasks because they MUST BE DONE PERFECTLY, but who cares?  It’s no sweat off my back if he wants to spend an hour cleaning the stovetop that has already been cleaned at least once that day.  I literally went and sat down to watch TV.  Not even kidding.

Another really fun thing that he has begun doing is taking the cars to the car wash…with his microfiber towels.  He can spend an hour on each car after it’s been washed just drying it and buffing it.  He bought this unlimited car wash pass so he can go as many times as he wants in a month so, of course, he wants to use it to its full potential.  The first week he took my car and it looked beautiful.  Then I left and the car sat in the garage for the entire 7 days.  On day 7 he took it back to the car wash because he could.  This is bordering on crazy, but if it makes him happy, I’m happy.

Last week, he admitted he may have a little bit of his Grandpa Bob in him.  Just a little?  In fact, we may have to move so he can get a boat because obviously the carwash is not going to cut it for too long.  In the meantime, I will just be grateful for the extra attention to detail he is showing everything  inside and outside of the house.  And thanks Grandpa Bob for choosing to show up at my house.  My cars and appliances have never looked so good!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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