Life Lesson: The Little Things


What is it about small successes that make us downplay our achievements?  Why do we feel this need to diminish what has happened because it wasn’t “big enough or worthy enough?”  Yesterday, I was speaking with my person and I was sharing with her some exciting news about one of my daughters.  I kept prefacing it by saying, “it may be nothing.”  She finally said, “stop doing that. This is exciting and it’s already a success.  If nothing else happens, but this, it’s a success.”


After I hung up I started thinking about what she said and she was right.  Why do we do that?  Why do we all try to live in this middle of the road place with no real highs?  I realize we can’t run outside and scream from the rooftop every little success, “Johnny pooped in the potty today” or “Stella got an A on her spelling test” but the reality is that it’s all the little successes that lead to the big stuff.  Let’s face it if Johnny never learned to poop in the potty where would he be?  Not very far I can assure you.  And if Stella couldn’t spell?  Well, there’s spellcheck I guess.  The point is we need to smile and acknowledge all of it.  It doesn’t mean we have to throw a party for every good grade or small accomplishment, but our kids need to know that they are enough and SO DO WE.


How many times have you asked someone just this week how they’re doing and their response has been a generic, “good?”  We all have this habit of downplaying life. Somehow it feels better to live in the middle of the road rather than be an outlier of any kind.


I have to be honest there have been plenty of downs at my house in the last 6 months, but truthfully there have also been so many highs that I want to shout from the rooftops how awesome things have been some days.  I don’t do it though because, a) I am not sure it’s worthy enough to share, b) we all know the other shoe will drop and c) someone is always there waiting for our parade to be rained out.  Damn, it’s hard to walk this tight rope.  No wonder we all feel so overwhelmed and conflicted; we can’t have a genuine feeling about anything without weighing the past, present, and future reactions that someone might have someday.   Somewhere along the line we received the message that we can’t live too big or too small. Why can’t we just embrace the little things without prefacing them with the downside?


This month, we are focusing on abundance and how can we ever actually feel like we have an abundant life when we minimize our entire existence? Why can’t we take in all the little things that make our lives abundant and feel the joy?
These next few days as you seek to find the little things in life, don’t downplay, look for the dark side, or diminish the moment. Let’s actually relish in the feeling of joy and excitement for what it is in this very moment.


Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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