Life Lesson: Rollover

I went to bed last weekend feeling a little down and overwhelmed by circumstances out of my control.  My oldest is interviewing for Physician Assistant (PA) school all over the country.  She is hoping to get into the University of Colorado, Denver and she has an interview next month, but until she gets an offer from her number one choice, she is at the mercy of the process.  That means lots of  traveling.

It sounded exciting a few months ago when she began the application process. Last weekend though she and my hubby were in Pennsylvania for an interview and to check out the area.  I can assure you it felt a lot less exciting to me.  Reality began to set in as she texted me photos and imagined herself living there.  She might actually move across the country for a few years.  Suddenly, my brain couldn’t handle it.  And my heart?  My heart is pretty sure it isn’t capable of having two daughters more than a thousand miles from home. Our families assure us it would be great because they would only be 5 hours from both of our older girls.  While that is comforting on some level, I would rather have them here.

I tossed and turned all night and woke feeling groggy and unsettled.

Then I rolled over and saw this:


My youngest and our pup, Stevie Nicks, sound asleep.

All the love and feels right there at my fingertips.  In an instant I was right there in the moment.

My girl may move in a few months or she may just be up in Denver.  No matter where she goes I will be so proud and will love her to the ends of the earth.  And I will visit…A LOT!

RIGHT NOW she is home and I am going to enjoy all of it.  ROLLOVER, what’s sitting next to you that you missed because you were too busy looking down the road?

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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