Life Lesson: Take Better Notes

When I have a brilliant thought, blog idea or just something that I absolutely don’t want to forget I put it into the “note” section of my phone.  Recently, I decided to go through these notes to see if I could find a spark of inspiration.  Instead I found myself trying to crack a code.  The code to what exactly is the question.  I think I may need to call Jack Bauer (24) or perhaps Jason Bourne (Bourne Series) to solve the many mysterious notations I have made in my phone.  I mean if Jason Bourne can take a birthdate and  instinctively turn it into an address he can help me with my notes.
So what are these secret codes that I need deciphered?   Try this one on for size:
Yep, no idea what this is.  Perhaps it’s the code to my panic room?  Do I have a panic room?  I don’t know, maybe, I clearly can’t remember what this code is for so it’s plausible that there are other things I can’t remember.  Okay, a panic room seems unorthodox, but so is this list!
I’d like to know what was happening when I typed a message to myself to let God into my life and then followed it up with a recipe for Broccoli Cheddar Soup!  I hate broccoli and I would NEVER make broccoli soup even if it was smothered in cheese, just like I will never make a loaf of meat otherwise known as MEATLOAF!  Maybe the aforementioned code is for the pearly gates and God wants me to make Him soup when I arrive?
There are also notations to look up certain passages in the Book of Psalms and a list of bars.  Was I on drugs?  Did I miss a year of my life?  Did I lose my phone and this belongs to someone else?  You are beginning to understand why I need Jack or Jason to come to my rescue.  The whole point of taking a note is to remind myself of something and while I now seem to have the answers, I no longer remember the original questions.
Send invites.  To what?  Did the party already happen and did anyone show up? And speaking of parties, there was something called, “9 Minutes of Bliss,” which if I hadn’t already written a blog about, I might have thought was a party game.
There were also directions, measurements and ironically a half-written blog entitled, “It’s Complicated…”  
My notes also included the mundane to-do lists, grocery lists and my favorite, which combined with the Bible and bars (we will leave out the broccoli) could be the secret to life.  You decide.
Do Acts of Kindness
Be Grateful
Be Happy
And…take better notes.
Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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