Life Lesson: Dressing Room Etiquette

Let me begin by saying, I did research this topic on the internet, but ever so superficially as I was slightly terrified of what could potentially pop up on my screen.  You might believe that someone of my age and well, sophistication, might be well-versed in such matters as appropriate dressing room etiquette.  I like to think I am a courteous shopper.  After all, I have had plenty of practice.  I hang my clothes back on their hanger and return them to the attendant or sometimes even to the rack in which I found them.  I would never try on a bathing suit without the appropriate undergarments and I always take note of how many articles of clothing are allowed in the dressing room at one time.  Okay, I usually ignore that last one unless I am at Forever 21 with my kids because let’s be honest, they are CRAZY about what you take into the dressing room!
I recently found myself shopping with my youngest daughter and my hubby.  While the daughter thing happens often it is rare for my male counterpart to join us on such an excursion.  Apparently, he was feeling adventurous.
It was a beautiful, sunny day and my hubby was in search of some hiking pants at the Columbia store in Silverthorne.  While he browsed the men’s section, my youngest and I began looking for anything that might strike our fancy.  I quickly found a shirt that I had been wanting  to replace one I had purchased at Columbia eons ago.  I slipped it on over my t-shirt, but couldn’t get a feel if it was the right size.
After a few moments my hubby found us and announced that he was going to go to the dressing room to try on some pants.  We continued to look around while I lamented over which size shirt I should purchase.  Then I decided to go check on my hubby to see how he was doing.
When I arrived to the dressing room it was empty so I did the mom thing and asked which room he was in and he obediently answered.  Then I told him to let me in so I could try my shirt on real quick.  Let me be clear.  I was in the dressing room for maybe 60 seconds.
While combing my hair down with my fingers and straightening my shirt I emerged from the dressing room to find two older female employees helping customers as well as a LINE of people waiting for a dressing room to be unlocked.  Seriously, where did everyone come from?  One of the ladies asked me if I was finished with the room and I promptly answered, “no, my husband is still in there changing.”
As I walked away I could feel all eyes on me.
I quickly found my daughter and told her what happened.
She said very loudly, “OMG!  You guys are so embarrassing.  I am never shopping with you again.  Mom!  You cannot go in the dressing room with dad!”
So, word to the wise even when you are 40 something you should not share a dressing room with your spouse unless you want to give them something to talk about!
Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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