Life Lesson: When The Moment Strikes


This last week has yet again brought more questions than answers. Let’s be clear, you will not find any answers here. We just have thoughts that pass through our heads and we like to share them with you just in case something resonates.
Tragedy, illness, and bad news have a way of finding us each day. It’s everywhere and lately it’s difficult to escape. Joy and happiness seem like something we have to go in search of.
This week I was talking about the race that G and I are doing in Nashville on November 5th and out of nowhere I said we should do Thanksgiving with Sydney and her friends while we are there. My youngest immediately balked at the idea and asked if we were ever going to have a “normal” Thanksgiving again. Last year we changed it up because our older girls weren’t home. In reality, I wasn’t considering NOT having a traditional Thanksgiving I was just thinking about the fact that at least one of my girls will likely NOT be home again this year. My dad, who is visiting said, “we didn’t even celebrate Thanksgiving last year.” My youngest looked at him and asked, “why?”
We all looked at each other and I replied, “it just wasn’t a good time.” It’s true, last November was tough for my family and it got me thinking. Life doesn’t stop happening even in the midst of turmoil and tragedy. We have a tendency to want to put our lives on hold until our circumstances improve. The problem with this mentality is that while life is amazing, it’s laced with suffering. We could find ourselves living a life on hold.


So, why not have Christmas in July and Thanksgiving when the moment strikes? When you find yourself sharing a homemade meal, laughing until you cry, eating two rounds of sushi while telling stories of your lives and staying up late into the night talking to friends…be grateful. Let’s call it Thanksgiving even if it is June and the temperature reads 98 degrees.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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