Thankful Thursday: Good Samaritan


This week I had to go to a meeting at school. I expected it to be short and sweet. It wasn’t. While I was in the meeting my youngest and her friend asked to stay in the car and talk.
After 45 minutes the texts began to roll in from my daughter wanting to know how much longer. I knew they were probably hungry since they had finished track practice over an hour ago so I began looking for a way to leave without making a scene.
At the one hour mark it sounded like the meeting was winding down so I decided to sneak out.

When I got to the car the girls had eaten all of their lunch leftovers and were begging for some frozen yogurt. I laughed and thought, “why not?”

I put the key in the ignition and…nothing.

“Girls, the car is dead.”

“We were playing the radio the whole time you were in there. Could that be why it’s dead?”


So, my first thought was that no, I did not have any jumper cables. Second, my husband had just texted that he landed in Austin and third, I didn’t renew my AAA for the first time in 10 years.

Then I looked up and saw people coming out of the school. The first person to walk near my car was a man. I told him that my battery had died and asked if he had any jumper cables. He said, no and I immediately said, “okay, thanks anyway” and began looking for the next person. Then this man said, “I actually just live up the street. I would be happy to go get some jumper cables and come back to help you out.”

I am not kidding. This man actually drove home, got jumper cables and came back and jumped my car.

How many of us would have just said, “no, sorry I don’t have any jumper cables” and kept on with our day?

Thank you Mr. Steve Foster for not just helping out a stranger but going completely out of your way to help.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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