Thankful Thursday: Thanks Mom!

March is the perfect time for fresh starts and new beginnings. I was thinking about this during the week as I was putting off a seemingly simple task.

When our middle daughter moved out last summer she took everything from her room…everything! For months we walked passed her empty room and said, “we should get some furniture and do something with this room.” Well, we did order furniture and it was supposed to arrive in March. My mind was set for March. Then, it showed up in February, a whole month early. My hubby was excited because he knew I would start painting, redecorating and turning the space into a room again. I was inspired to have a fresh palette to work with and then I walked in there and realized it wasn’t a fresh palette. It was Sydney’s room. Everything was gone, but it wasn’t.

I didn’t have to face this with my oldest because she only took her clothes. She comes home to visit and she just walks into her room like nothing has changed. The awards and photos are still hanging on the walls. It appears that everything has remained the same even though she likely will never move back home. Sydney boxed everything up she didn’t take with her and put it in the closet. She doesn’t plan on living here again…but she might.

Then I remembered when I left home. I took everything as well. My mom never changed the wallpaper and my memories are still boxed up in the closet 23 years later. I realized it’s not about the furniture, the paint or the decorations; it’s just about being home.

So, I removed all the nails, patched the holes and put a coat of fresh paint on the walls. The room is a work in progress and so am I, but we are getting there. And just like mom kept my wallpaper, I kept a piece of Sydney in her room, too.

The back of Sydney’s Bedroom Door: “Live Like There is No Tomorrow, But Dream Like You’ll Live Forever.”

When I told Sydney I was redoing her room she did whine a little about the paint color, but mostly she wanted to know if she could have the new furniture when she becomes a responsible adult and lives in a real house. She is so sentimental.

Mom, thanks for keeping my memories safe in the closet and for always giving me a place to call home.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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