Life Lessons: What Would Lorelai Do?


You know when you are in the middle of a great book and you just want to keep reading for hours upon hours, but you know it will end so you sometimes put it down and walk away to make the time last longer?

Me neither.

I devour those darn books. Well, this is exactly how I feel about “Gilmore Girls.” I just watched all 7 seasons (again) with my youngest over the last few months and now it has sadly come to an end.

I tried watching just one episode per evening, but it quickly evolved into half a season on a Saturday night. It’s like those chips…you can’t eat just one!

Somewhere around Season 2 I found myself having difficulty distinguishing between Gilmore Girls and my own life. I started asking myself, “what would Lorelai do?” Come on, Lorelai has been through a lot people! Do you know how hard it is to raise girls these days? Make them strong and independent? Send them off to college? What about when Rory dropped out? And hello, what about the boyfriends? Lorelai had a lot to deal with and she only had Rory. Okay, I am not a single parent, but I have THREE daughters. Three girls running around with their own high-maintenance personalities, opinions and oh so many dreams. It’s stressful!

So you can see why I would get lost in the land of Gilmore Girls. Who wouldn’t share a fierce bond with Lorelai?

Alas, seven seasons later, Rory has graduated from Yale and she is off to her first real job as a journalist. Lorelai is left realizing that she still has so many words of wisdom to impart, but her time has run out. Rory is off in the real world.

Oh Lorelai, I get it! Why can’t they just give us a few more months, weeks, even days? After all of these years is it really that much to ask?

Last week, I drove my middle daughter to the airport. On the way there as she was getting a dose of mom therapy, she looked over at me and said, “Thanks, Lorelai!” I almost cried.

I am going to miss spending my evenings in Stars Hollow. Sure, I could start the series over, but that seems a wee bit obsessive. I think I will start Parenthood. I hear Sarah Braverman is a strong, female character…

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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  1. gretzmom says:

    I can relate to your obsession with the gilmore girls because I have it too! I have watched it so many times, with and without my daughter. Before the Gilmore Girls there was a short season of My So Called Life – You should watch that just as a little saturday/sunday binge. I still say sometimes to myself WWLD….I still believe that Rory is working for Obama and Lorelai is with Luke but they still struggle with lifes little and big curve balls, just like we do!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lbrown246 says:

      Lol. It’s good to know that we are in good company!


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