Thankful Thursday: Changing Traditions

Black Friday Shopping

Last week, I received one of those calls I had been dreading. Not the life-changing tragedy kind of call, just the “things are changing around here, mama,” kind of call. I was driving home from picking up my youngest from volleyball practice when my oldest called. She had just received her work schedule for November and as we had correctly surmised, she had to work Thanksgiving Day. I was prepared. I didn’t get choked up or whine about how two of my girls weren’t going to be home for Thanksgiving. In fact, you would have been proud of me. I was downright cheery about the whole thing. I knew she was disappointed so I put it in 4th gear and revved up the positivity bus. All aboard!

“No worries, honey. Life is just changing right now for all of us and we just have to roll with the punches. We still have Wednesday and Friday so we will just make dinner one of those days. Okay, so you might not get to have dinner with our Colorado Ski family, but we will work it out. It’s all good.”

Meanwhile, we have arrived home and my youngest daughter has angrily extricated herself from the car with a slam of the door. Apparently, my sweet pep talk is NOT working on her. After all, these changes are not occurring in a vacuum. Everyone is coming to the realization that life might look different from here on out. I mean two of our three daughters have moved out of the house and one lives a thousand miles away! Things are not the same anymore.

Fast forward a few days and my dear friend Kristin, who is supposed to host Thanksgiving, calls. She gets the scoop on our family situation and proceeds to tell me that her oldest might be at a ski race over Thanksgiving week and her hubby, who was in a major bike accident weeks ago, is still recovering. Misery often loves company, but in our case we were desperately trying to find the sunshine. So…we moved Thanksgiving to Wednesday and we have decided to make a slumber party out of it. Yep, Thanksgiving begins on Monday this year and I guess it will go until we get sick of each other or Joe kicks us out for making him laugh his stitches out. Either way, my youngest gets to spend days on end with her sister from another mother, our oldest gets to have Thanksgiving, and the adults just get to be together and isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about?

And what about that middle daughter? Well, she is surrounded by friends so she will not be alone and she also received a message from friends in Denver who will be in Nashville over Thanksgiving. They are taking her out to brunch and then she will be working Black Friday. She will be keeping busy, which is why she isn’t coming home. Plus, we bought her a ticket home for Christmas. Three Weeks!! This mama is counting down the days until she once again has all of her girls sleeping under one roof.

Our plans and traditions may be changing, but I still have a grateful heart.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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