Thankful Thursday: On Borrowed Time


So, at this very moment I am in Nashville. I am on borrowed time, as my hubby just told me, because I was supposed to leave on Tuesday. We arrived on Saturday to visit our middle daughter, the aspiring musician, whom we haven’t seen in three months. We had a fabulous weekend with her and her new tribe. She has an amazing community of people and at one point Saturday night I may or may not have teared up as I sat back and watched.
I feel such deep gratitude for being a witness to her leap of faith, finding her people, finding happiness and to hear how her music is evolving. It’s a humbling experience as a parent to watch your children become who they are meant to be. She is only 18, so when I say who she is meant to be, I mean she is exactly where she is supposed to be. She is who she is and while that may be ever-changing, she is authentically herself at this very moment in time.
And why am I on borrowed time? Well, after that amazing weekend, we ended up in the urgent care with her sick. She is on the mend and while it was a bummer that she got sick while we were here, what a blessing to be here when she needed us. I would not have wanted it any other way. So, I stayed even though she has a roommate, friends and music coaches who said they could take care of her if she needed anything. I have done laundry, cleaned, grocery shopped, cooked and taken care of her and, once again, I am deeply grateful to be here.

Cali Rodi, Kim Franca and Sydney St. George at The Row.

Oh, and where is she as I write this? With friends writing music because after all, I am on borrowed time.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowe & G



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