Life Lesson: They are Everywhere

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All day I pondered which life lesson to write about.  I mean there have been so many lessons just today that I am actually having a difficult time choosing. Here are just a few snippets of conversations that did lead to life lessons this week:

No, don’t eat the chili I made 7 days ago!  Unless, of course, you like vomiting profusely for hours on end.

Yes, you should take a sweatshirt, it’s 40 degrees outside.

No, don’t get the granny panties. Need I say more?

No, we can’t keep your child indefinitely, but maybe for a few weeks.  Because I said so.

No, it’s cheaper for you to buy your lunch at work than for me to make it.  My hourly wage just went up didn’t you get the memo?

Yes, I can give you a referral to any kind of doctor you want and yes when you forget the name of said doctor you can call me from their office to ask what their name is.

Yes, you can use my address as your temporary address on your work application, but you still may not move in…indefinitely. Because I said so.

Yes, apparently it does take multiple ways for us to communicate effectively.  Please call me, leave me a voicemail (I won’t listen to it), text me, email me, send me a DM on Instagram, write it in WordPress and and my favorite…send your message via Evernote and I will get it within 48-72 hours. Yes, count them, 7 forms of communication that G and I used just yesterday. We get bored easily. And for those of you who may have trouble with any of these forms of communication we also respond well to telepathy and smoke signals.

Have a great weekend.  Savor some Fun.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowe & G


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