A Life Lesson in Happiness?


If you are following our blog you may have surmised that I am on vacation with the fam. Actually, we are on an amazing vacation, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is always happy.  It seems like it would be the perfect equation for happiness.  However, since my girls are 20, 18 and 13, and there have been some close quarters, everything is up for criticism, eye rolling, laughter, tears and lots of comments that could be taken many different ways.

Having raised these lovelies and taken many a vacation with them I informed them about a vacation experiment in happiness that we would all be partaking in while we were gone (insert more eye rolling, groaning and laughter).  Our experiment entails doing three things EVERY DAY!  We are supposed to meditate/pray for 5 minutes, say one thing that made us happy, and say three things we are grateful for each day.  We have not accomplished this little exercise EVERY day, but I have succeeded in making everyone think about it.  In fact, the days we haven’t done it they have reminded me that we haven’t done it.  I would like to report that they have been nothing but sunshine to one another, but we have a week left so there is still time…

Feeling a little short on happiness?  Try this experiment along with us and let us know how it is going.  And as always join us for our 100 Days of Happiness; it’s not too late!

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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