Thankful Thursday: #100daysofhappiness as a practice


100 days of happiness has reached Day 88 already! It has been an amazing journey for us. Just like we have both been working on cultivating and growing a regular meditation practice (although sometimes it’s way off the rails), our participation in 100 days has also been a practice. We are learning every day to look for what is good, right, happy, joyful or even mildly amusing in our day.

It’s far too easy for all of us to find what’s wrong, bad, ugly, unkind and the list goes on. But instead we have challenged ourselves, and certainly encouraged you to do the same, in daring to be positive. Daring to be vulnerable enough to let life in and embrace what is amazing in the average, the everyday. The truth is, I think we all know at this point, that there really is no such thing as an average or everyday life in the terms that we think of it.

We all struggle. We all battle. We all have been wounded and there is nothing average or everyday about that. This happiness practice has been about showing up each day, being hopeful and turning our faces toward the warm rays of goodness. Expecting good can feel scary in this world. It can feel like leaving yourself open for critique or unkind comments.

This practice can take on any form in your life. While we opted to take a photo every day so we could share with you, we invite you to find the good in whatever routine works for you. Maybe that’s keeping a gratitude journal or sharing with one person every day something positive in your life.

Mostly Sunshine,

Lowi & G


Thankful Thursday

Day 83 happiness is volunteering with Shakira
Day 84 Happiness is getting to meet Pearl, the kitty cat, yesterday. She is making quite a home for herself with Penny, the puppy, and Murphy, the other kitty.
Day 82 Happiness is morning meditation outside with a cup of Epic!
Day 83 Happiness is more DIY Projects with Reese!
Day 84 Happiness is another 5 miles toward my 100 mile goal.
Day 85 Happiness is a Strawberry Chia Seed Smoothie for breakfast.
Day 86 Happiness is chocolate cake!


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