We love books. I mean we really love books. It’s rather surprising it took us until 2022 to decide to formally regale you with our current and past favorites on the regular.

The Happy Runner

By David Roche and Megan Roche, MD

Deciding what book to share with you was difficult only because I questioned whether all of you would think I am boring. I think it’s possible that at times I am, in fact, boring. For many years, likely a decade, I rarely read non-fiction and now that’s almost entirely what I read. I am not averse to having someone tell me a phenomenal and fantastical story, it’s just that I also have a penchant for learning. One of the books I read most recently, is The Happy Runner and the primary reason I wanted to share it with all of you has nothing to do with running at all. Feel free to exhale in a sigh of relief now.

One of the driving philosophies of the book is how to learn to enjoy the process of running and let the quest of making it fun be more influential than results. Hence, being a happy runner. As someone who is often incredibly attached to results and is loathe to relinquish the outcome, this was an approach I needed to snuggle into. We’ve all heard it, enjoy the journey; trust the process; be unattached to the outcome; don’t rush to the end. All of these aphorisms are saying the same thing: enjoy the process. And yet in this results-driven culture that can be a rebellious and elusive idea. But who among us couldn’t be served better by being more focused on cultivating joy in the day-to-day instead of reserving joy when we meet an end? We save the celebrating for when the finish line is crossed, the diploma is in hand, the promotion has been bestowed. And then what? It can be a letdown. It can be defeating and deflating. In the Happy Runner, the overarching question is Why? Why are you running? Is your answer compelling? Does it cause you to feel enjoyment in the process too?

We can apply the same “why” to any area of our lives. Ultimately let’s enjoy the ride and the destination. 

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The Art of Gathering

By Priya Parker

As you know, G and I are avid readers and we love to share any and all of the wise words with you.  As we enter 2022 and change things up a bit, we will have a little section called, what we are reading so you can decide for yourself if it is something you might be interested in reading.  The first book of the new year is The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker.  I read this as I was entering the holidays and it definitely gave me pause as I planned for any gathering this past season.  While this book might feel a little over the top for your ordinary gathering of close friends, it does force you to ask important questions like what is the purpose of the gathering, who is invited and who is NOT invited, how to be a proper host and how to make your gathering interesting by coming up with thought-provoking questions. There were times when reading this book that I thought, I just want to have friends over for pizza and the game, not host the heads of state.  While my gatherings are much smaller in scale it has made me step up my game and think about what I want out of each gathering. Definitely worth the read, but maybe borrow it from the library.
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