Our friends and family gathered in Tennessee over the weekend to celebrate the marriage of Sydney and Jake. It was a beautiful few days full of priceless memories, more than a few tears, and immense joy. All sunshine and love, Lowi & G

Intentional Moments

Tomorrow, my middle daughter is getting married.  My heart is full and my intentions are clear.  We have done all the things to prepare and we are ready to have a beautiful celebration with our family and friends. From the outset, Sydney and Jake said they wanted to feel every moment and experience it fully. They…


  Sunshine & Sarcasm, Lowi & G

Starting Over with a Blank Page

This month of Being Intentional primarily is about foundation-setting. We are digging deep below the surface and we’re pouring footers. But we need to clear the debris that may create an uneven and faulty base. Part of creating new opportunities in your life, or bigger yet, creating a whole new life is the willingness and…

Being on Purpose in January

As Lowi laid out for us on Monday we are Being Intentional this January. In other words, this month is all about Being on Purpose and Being Deliberate. I don’t know about you, but I like how that sounds. I like how that feels. What I like most about it is that it doesn’t feel…