You Gotta Want It!

There is an account I follow on Instagram and she collects and posts photos of heart-shaped rocks she sees on her runs. I’ve always thought it was cool when I see them but never gave it much thought. While running on Sunday, this one caught my eye and instantly I recognized it as a heart….

That Little Voice

  If you have been keeping up with the blog you know I am trying to get my life in order.  I am back on the wagon, working out, eating well and overall just trying to take my life back.  I liken it to working on your house.  You know how you paint a room…

The Power to Change

I was out on a training run earlier this week and I had a moment of clarity when it comes to surrender. I have written, considered and pondered on surrender many times so if it sounds familiar — it’s not deja vu. Surrender, in this case, is about ceasing to resist. Because if what we…


  Sunshine & Sarcasm, Lowi & G

Love & Engagement

This weekend we got to celebrate the engagement of Lowi’s daughter, Sydney, and her fiancé Jake.  Our sister, Lisa and her husband, David, threw an awesome party and we all got a chance to shower the happy couple with love and warm wishes.   They were joined by good friends and close siblings.    …