Rediscovering Joy!

A couple of weeks ago my coach (yes, I have a coach) told me my assignment for the next week was to seek pleasure. Uhhh, OK? I was a little surprised by this but then I soon realized the fact that I was surprised by it or resistant to it was the exact reason I…

The Healing Nature of Puppies

On September 16th of last year, we lost our beloved Golden Retriever, Samson.  Just a few months prior he had been diagnosed with lymphoma and given only a short time to live.  Samson was only 7 years old and our hearts were broken when we found out our time with him would be cut short….

Breathe in Laughter

Interestingly enough Lowi talked about Breathing in 2019 on Monday and that same day I began a course on Breath as Medicine. For 8 weeks I am learning more in-depth about the power of breathing to help you transform yourself moment to moment. As a yoga teacher, I have always been a proponent of doing…


Sunshine & Sarcasm, Lowi & G

Breathing in 2019

  Breathing in all that is right now; this moment and not squandering it overthinking the future. This is another one of my intentions for this bright, shiny New Year! It has so much potential as all 365 days lay before us, okay, we are about 21 days in so we only have 344 bright,…