In late 2021, I by chance heard about the mental toughness builder 75 Hard. Embarrassingly, this is how I go about most things in life. A new book, practice, approach to life ricochets into my sphere and I decide that I should definitely give it a whirl no matter how utterly ridiculous it may sound. I immediately attempted to get Lowi on board and she soberly and rightly said, no. We were headed toward a family wedding and she thought it best a challenge saved for the new year.

However, one of the staples of 75 Hard is doing two workouts a day. I thought maybe I should start easing myself into this practice without any pressure. This little experiment caused me to stumble into what I am loving right now: early morning walks. I began walking just to see what it would be like to add an additional “workout”  before my day began. What I have learned is that I could more accurately call it solace. This walk is not something I do with the intent to physically better myself, it is for my mental wellbeing. Before the day is able to reach full speed and carry me off into distraction and chaos, I go outside and walk. I breathe in the cool air, often listen to a guided meditation, and slow to measured strides to match the voice in my ears. Once the meditation is complete I many times listen to nothing but the sound of the trees, passing traffic, barking dogs and I watch my day and the world around me gradually come alive. It’s the best 50 minutes of my day I think because it is without expectation. I am not trying to accomplish anything with this walk other than to be present, to be in the quiet. By the time I return home I am ready to begin the day. I invite you to give it a try even if it’s for a few minutes. Silence is soothing and I am loving it.

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Lip balm

This is going to sound ridiculous, but I love Fresh Sugar Hydrating Caramel lip balm.  It comes in a small little glass jar and it’s way too expensive for the amount you get, but it is amazing for dry lips.  It is a must-have for me in Colorado and while I have tried some other flavors, the caramel is the BEST.  Don’t knock it until you try it.
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