Season of Reinvention

As the new year began, Lowi and I found ourselves naturally drawn to ideas of reinvention, wishes, and dreams. We pondered entering the new year more slowly and taking time to truly consider how we’d like to approach 2023. It took us until March to realize that what we were moving toward, albeit unconsciously, was…

Getting to Work

Like all of you, we often have projects we are working on. Ways we want to improve, passion projects we are invested in, or tackling an old story. This month we are unveiling a new topic and also a bit more about Lowi’s “haunted” past. This month we are starting a new topic of conversation:…

Wishes & Goals

We made it through the longest month on record, and we are halfway through February. January always feels so long, cold and dark and there is this constant internal struggle to stay consistent with the healthy new habits we resolved to tackle and our desire to throw in the towel.  

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