Thankful Thursday: 8 Days


Apparently, I am on a two-week positivity cycle.  I can only keep my happiness streak going for 14 days before it gets side-tracked by politics, illness and hurricanes.  At the two-week mark, I start wanting to wallow around in my sweatpants, watching families rescued from the rising floodwaters.

BUT…we have 8 more days of our 100 Day of Happiness and we all need to dig deep.  We need to dig for those who can’t.  We need to dig for those who are overwhelmed by circumstances beyond their control.

For the next 8 days spend some time getting quiet.  Pray for those in need.  Be a light in the darkness and give a little hope for those who feel like they have hit bottom.

We look forward to seeing your happiness posts over the next week.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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