Life Lesson: Celebrate the “moms” in Your Village


In honor of Mother’s Day we are celebrating some of the awesome “moms” in our village. This is just a very small part of the wonderful people who actually admit to being part of our posse and have allowed us to take photos.  There are so many more amazing friends, family and neighbors who are major parts of our village, but alas they steer clear of the camera.

Grandma Fry with Alex, Sydney & Reese
Kristen is one of my favorite moms in the whole world and my kids will always think of her as their 2nd mom!
Now this is a village!
Mothering happens at all ages and all over the world.
Sydney and Grammie
Sometimes dad makes the best mom!
Crystal is one of those moms who will always hold a special place in our hearts no matter where she lives!
The village people
Gina is my person!
One of my first mom friends. She has been there since the beginning.
Mary, you may live states away, but you are always in my heart and always my best friend.
Mimi and some of her girls.

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