Brainstorming Goals



I have been taking a class the last few months on visioning. The entire class centered around creating a 5-year plan for ourselves. We spent weeks brainstorming our goals. The end result was to be 6 BIG, HAIRY, AUDACIOUS GOALS (BHAGS). For the record, these are not just your run of the mill aspirations, like I want to run a 5k or learn to make a pie. They are BIG goals that encompass lots of smaller, life-altering changes.

This was beginning to sound scary and way outside my comfort zone.

During week one we were instructed to come up with 300-400 goals! I sat down with my post it notes as I was encouraged to do and began to write goals on each one. Soon, my mind began to work in overdrive.

I can’t do that.
I would be way too scared to do that!
That takes too much time.
That is unreasonable.
I wouldn’t even know where to begin.
Who do I think I am?

Literally, my brain began to edit and eventually veto every thought that came into my mind! This was proving way more difficult than I imagined. I only had 30 goals written down at this point.
I soon realized that in order to actually come up with a large amount of goals I needed to let my mind go. It’s like a stream of consciousness exercise. There can be no editing. I had to open my mind and let the thoughts flow. When something would pop up that caused fear or anxiety I would just push it aside and not worry about it. This was just an exercise, I was committing myself to nothing…yet.

As the weeks passed roadblocks continued to present themselves and each week our instructors gave us new ways to think outside the box. I realized I was in good company as all of us were struggling in one way or another. It was part of the process. We continued to stay with the discomfort and keep writing.

Soon, participants began coming each week with amazing things happening. They spoke of writing down a goal that they had thought about for a long time and then getting a call from someone out of the blue about that goal. One man spoke about wanting to move to some remote part of the east coast, something he had been longing to do for some time. After writing it down his wife came home with an offer from work to move to this same small town. Another woman wrote down a goal about selling her house on the lake and moving. The next week she received a letter in the mail asking if she and her husband would be interested in selling their home from a couple who had been vacationing in their town. Apparently their house was exactly what the couple had been looking for. Within the month she and her husband had sold their house and put a contract on their dream house!

What was happening? The only time that kind of synchronicity works for me is when I am talking about goats! According to Henriette Anne Klauser who wrote, “Write it Down, Make it Happen” it’s all about the action of writing it down and the intention. So, now as I fine-tune my BHAGS I am doing so with intention. Who knows what the universe has in store for me. I just hope it’s not anymore goats or puppies.

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Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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