Torture Report: Marathoning & Taper-Week Ninja

(L)  Last week, when I said I needed to amp things up I think the universe got the wrong message.  My week definitely amped up, but not in the way I was planning.  My youngest was sick and let’s just say I was derailed in a big way.  Oh there was plenty of marathon training happening, it’s just that it came in the form of Netflix marathon sessions.  After 8 solid days of her being sick I believe we have binge watched just about every appropriate thing out there.  She went back to school yesterday after missing an entire week and it’s safe to say Samson and I are missing her and our marathon training.

IMG_0887 IMG_0888

This week I am back to it.

-You know you’re an ultra runner when the only time major household projects get done is in a taper or race recovery.” Unknown

(G) This is, sadly, so true except I consider major household projects things like cleaning my house and doing laundry. I am basic.
When taper week rolls around I fancy myself a to-do list ninja.
Most of last week was the usual training, getting it in, making it work. I ran a hard 10 on Friday and an easier 8 on Saturday and then Sunday… I blew off my 6 miles.
Instead, I did what I assume the normal people do on the weekend. I went shopping, to the grocery, pulled up daffodils and planted new flowers, made juice, cleaned the kitchen, made lunch, did serious laundry and washed all the cats dishes, blankets and water bowls.
I learned that you can get a lot done when you aren’t running 20 miles and secondly, OK I already knew this, my house is a pit.
This week will be just some easy miles to keep the legs loose and the adrenaline to a minimum before Outrun 24 2016.
As I mentioned earlier in the year, I am running these timed events with no goals. I don’t have a mileage marker in mind to hit, I want to Run Free until I can’t anymore and then I guess I will Walk Free until I can’t do that anymore. Oh yeah, and eat as much food as one can while moving.
And this year, maybe this will be mine for going ALL TWENTY FOUR HOURS! Or possibly I will wake up at 6 am in the tent like last year. My goals are fluid.
Sunshine & Sarcasm,
Lowi & G

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