Intentional Kindness

Wonder woman

My husband is sometimes in a tough spot. I can’t even believe I committed that sentence to print or the internet. I may never hear the end of it.
But I am feeling charitable, it is the month of love after all.

As I was saying, it can be a dicey gig being married to a woman such as myself. I like to fancy myself Wonder Woman and when it becomes painfully clear that I’m not and I don’t have a set of matching bullet-deflecting bangles it can be disheartening.
Life has been rather life-like lately. It’s been full of growth opportunities, full of things that make us say: that’s how life goes, that’s part of life and other equally unhelpful phrases.

All that to say my husband was quite daring when early last week he gently hinted that maybe I needed to step back, practice a little self care. His suggestion, that was clearly in the neighborhood of “you might not be coping as well as you think,” was hurtful. Not because he intended it to be, he was trying to help.
But acknowledging your weakness, your stumbling can be difficult.


He was, however dangerously, practicing an intentional act of kindness. He risked my lashing out, or whatever else may have come, to say what needed saying out of love.

I’m not a big Valentine celebrant. In fact, you might say I am anti. But intentional acts of kindness feels like something I could get behind.
Instead of random, I think intentional, purposeful actions done in kindness might be just what I need.

Sometimes those acts will be done for the sake of others but equally important those acts may done in service of caring for myself.

Where can you be intentional about how you share kindness this month?

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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