Thankful Thursday: Some Books Deserve a Revisit


This week, as I sat back to think about what I was grateful for the usual people and circumstances emerged. Then I began to think about some of the things I have been doing lately. One of them is reading, which led me to the idea of how grateful I am for the two books I just finished, “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert and “Rising Strong” by Brené Brown. I know G mentioned these in her Live Reading Blog, but they are so good that they are worth mentioning again.

These two books are packed full of amazing life lessons on how to live your best life. I know it sounds trite, but if we aren’t out there trying to do and be better then what is the point? Though each of these books has its own unique message both are showing there is a better way.

A better way to live, love, fight, think, be and create.

While I am thankful for these latest reads, my real gratitude comes from a place of acknowledging that sometimes I am not ready to hear/read something until a later time. I am an avid reader and, occasionally, I rush through a book so quickly trying to soak it all in that I have to go back and read it again to make sure I haven’t missed anything. Usually, I find a whole treasure trove of things I have missed. It’s not because I didn’t read it the first time or that it didn’t make an impact, It’s just that often I wasn’t ready to hear what was being said the first time. I have found this to be true with these books as well. I keep going back and re-reading chapters, underlining, making notes and still I find a sentence or a word that feels as though I am reading it for the very first time. Some of the other books I have re-read are The Alchemist, Traveling Mercies, One Thousand Gifts, Sacred Rhythms and The Gifts of Imperfection. I am always amazed at what I didn’t “see” before.

What books made the biggest impact on your life?

This week, go back and find one of your favorite. Begin reading it with fresh eyes and see what message you receive this time around.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G


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