Life Lesson: Letting Go


Many of you know that I am currently in Nashville helping my middle daughter get settled into her apartment and her new life.  It’s great down here and I am happy to have the time to help her with all of the last minute things she needs to know.  The list is long and I will probably need to review it often!

I know there will be many future blog posts about this move, how she is doing, and how we are surviving with two of our adult children on their own, but today’s post is more about letting go and a conversation I overheard, recently, while sitting on the beach one night in Hawaii.

During our time at the pool we met a family from Oregon that consisted of a mom and her 30, 35 and 40-year-old daughters.  They were hilarious and they were there for the second year in a row celebrating birthdays.  One night I was listening to the mom talk to her 30-year-old daughter about not being able to reach her the night before on her phone and how she was worried about her.  The conversation went like this:

“I was worried about you last night. I woke up and you weren’t in the house”

“Oh, sorry”

“Well, I tried to call you and your phone was dead as usual and you didn’t say where you were going last night.  Your sisters were already asleep…”

I would like to insert here that this was a very quiet, calm, peaceful discussion that was happening. No arguing, blaming or anger on either side.

“Sorry, mom.  I was just out walking and didn’t even have my phone with me.”

“It’s funny, I was really worried imagining all the things that could happen to you.  I remembered all of the things I did when I was your age and you are a lot like me.  I figured you might be in the ocean swimming by yourself.  Then I was really concerned…but then I thought if that is how you are going to go down there is nothing I could do about it.  It kind of brought me peace when I thought of it that way. Then I was able to go back to sleep.”

“Hmm, well I am glad you went back to sleep.  I’ll try to remember to charge my phone.”

And that was it.

So my life lesson for the week is to remember that we are not in charge and worrying has never helped anyone.

Sunshine & Sarcasm,

Lowi & G

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  1. Run Wright says:

    That’s great. My mom is a worrier too but only cause she cares so much. When I realized that it wasn’t because she was trying to stifle me, I calmed down. It’s something kids eventually have to understand about their parents

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    1. lbrown246 says:

      I am definitely going to take a lesson from this mom or I will drive myself crazy.

      Liked by 1 person

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